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1515 Sunset Achieves LEED Platinum

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1515 Sunset Achieves LEED Platinum

The Spinnaker Group is proud to announce that 1515 Sunset (Sunset Office) has achieved LEED New Construction for Core and Shell Platinum certification! This also resulted in them winning the USGBC South Florida’s Gala Verde Award for Most Outstanding Green Office Building – Large!

Inspired by some of the most iconic historical architecture buildings in South Florida such as the Biltmore Hotel and Coral Gables City Hall. This project is a 5-Story, 197,943 square foot Multipurpose Core and Shell Building with an architectural program that includes: Office, Retail, Dining, Banking, and Garage space.

Although there is no history to the building itself, the design reflects the historical buildings in the City of Coral Gables.  As the building ages, it shall appear as a timeless and appropriate addition to the historic landmarks of the surrounding areas.

LEED was pursued as a part of the owner’s belief that buildings should have a minimal carbon footprint and impact on the surrounding environment.  In addition, LEED was pursued to respond to the growing demand for sustainable buildings.

The building was designed in a manner to handle possible future expansion.  Furthermore, flexibility of the space was considered during the design to allow for various space types to be possible within each shell space.  Potential space uses are: Office, Retail, Dining, and Banking.

Jesse Rittenhouse, LEED Project Manager, said “This project was worth the time and extra effort it took to achieve LEED Platinum. The success of this project is due to the owner, architect, engineer, contractor and the entire team being passionate about achieving the highest level of LEED certification possible from beginning to end”

LEED Sustainable Credits/Features Includes:

Sustainable Sites

  • Site is located within 1/2 mile walking distance of 53 basic services to ensure development in urban areas with existing infrastructure, and to protect and preserve natural resources and habitats
  • To reduce Heat Island Effect, the 19,086 sq ft roof was covered with High SRI Materials and a Vegetated Roof covering 1,833 sq ft

Water Efficiency

  • The plants provided are native and 90% are high drought tolerant. The combination of plant selection, along with high efficiency irrigation, and rain water cistern has reduced outdoor water needs by over 50% and reduced potable water needs by 100%, which reduces the strain on potable water resources
  • High efficiency and low flow indoor water fixtures were installed and combined with using the rain water cistern for the flush fixtures reduced indoor water use by 75.1%

Energy and Atmosphere

  • Provided an Energy Cost Savings of over 27%, reducing environmental and economic impacts associated with excessive energy use
  • The project team implemented Enhanced Commissioning throughout the design and construction process to verify that systems were designed and function according to the Owner’s Project Requirements and the Basis of Design, which results in less construction change orders, repairs, energy costs, maintenance and operation costs

Materials and Resources

  • Through an effective construction waste management plan, contractor team, and waste hauler the project diverted 91.59% of all construction from being landfilled to reduce waste and pollution
  • Over 54% of the total new wood value is FSC certified wood to encourage environmentally responsible forest management

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Low-Emitting Materials were selected and used for all the Paints, Coatings, Sealants, Adhesives, Carpet Systems, Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products, to reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants that are odorous, irritating and/or harmful to the comfort and well-being of installers and occupants
  • 98% of all regularly occupied spaces provide direct line of site to Daylight Views

Innovation in Design

  • The project team developed and implemented an integrated indoor/outdoor pest management program to reduce harmful chemicals used.

Location: Coral Gables, Florida

The Spinnaker Group Services Rendered: LEED Consulting, Building Commissioning, and Energy Modeling

Owner’s Representative: Tangerine Property Management

Architect: Portuondo Perotti Architects

MEP: RPJ, Inc.

Contractor: OHL Arellano

Civil Engineer: CAS Engineering

Landscape Architect: Alex Knight

Certification Level: LEED BD+C Core & Shell – Platinum

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