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5 Easy Steps to Passing a LEED AP v4 Exam

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5 Easy Steps to Passing a LEED AP v4 Exam

Taking any test can be intimidating, but the LEED Accredited Professional exams are known for their difficulty, making them a grueling and challenging test to take and pass successfully.  Spinnaker’s very own Brittany Storm, LEED AP BD+C, ID+C, recently took and successfully passed the LEED V4 ID+C exam. Read on to learn her tips and tricks on how to pass this rigorous test with shining colors!

1. Read. Again and Again… and Again.

  • Give yourself time to read, take notes, digest, and test yourself on the following credit categories:
    • LEED Process
    • Integrative Strategies
    • Location and Transportation
    • Water Efficiency
    • Materials and Resources
    • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • The Candidate Handbook. This handbook provide information about registering for the exam and the exam format; it also includes exam specifications and reference materials to be familiar with.
  • The USGBC provides a LEED Credit Library including credit language, supplemental resources, etc. in which to get familiar with the credits.
  • The LEED v4 Reference Guide is highly recommended.

2. Utilize LEED Online.
Review LEED Online Sample Forms and Case Studies as resources to apply what you’ve read.

3. Memorize.
Know the tables and / or figures, standards, calculations, required documentation, etc. Anything in the Reference Guide is fair game on the test. Use mnemonics, doodles, flash cards, songs, etc to memorize. Repeat often.

4. Practice (Test) Makes Perfect.
Take as many practice tests as you can! I used Green Building Education Services for the LEED Green Associate, LEED AP BD+C (v2009) and LEED AP ID+C (v4).  They offer 4 (100 question) practice tests OR (my favorite way to study) you can select an exam area to study (i.e. Materials and Resources questions only). The practice test questions, answers, and explanations will give you a sense of what to expect when you take the actual test.

5. “Brain Dump” before the exam.
You have 10 minutes before the exam begins for an optional tutorial on how to use the computer system, take this opportunity to write down all of your mnemonics, songs, etc. you used to study. You will be given 2 sheets of paper for the exam, I wrote down as many tables with correlating percentages and points as possible in that 10 min. in which to reference throughout the exam.

By: Brittany Storm, LEED Project Manager, LEED AP BD+C, ID+C
Sustainability + LEED Consulting, Energy Modeling, Building Commissioning
The Spinnaker Group Inc.

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