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A Living Revolution Part II: Green Roofs

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A Living Revolution Part II: Green Roofs

Intensive Green Roof – Aventura Optima Plaza

In continuing our conversation from last week on Living Walls, we are now going to shift the spotlight over to Green Roofs. Green Roofs can take on many different shapes and sizes while using various installation methods. Primarily there are two types of Green Roofs; Intensive and Extensive. HighResRoof

Intensive Green Roof – Garden Lounge Buiding – Miami Design District

Up north, in Chicago for example, most of the Green Roofs Extensive. They are more passive in nature, acting as mere vegetated covering. These Green Roofs are shallow in nature with shallow rooted plants. Hardy succulents, grasses and herbs are primarily used in these applications. On the contrary, Intensive Green Roofs are usually more active in nature and have amenity space for users. The plantings themselves also vary. Shade trees with large root balls can be installed on Intensive Green Roofs as can larger plants and shrubs. Wood decking and recycled rubber pathways are also commonly used on Intensive Green Roofs. Most recently, The Spinnaker Group has worked on two Intensive Green Roofs; the Garden Lounge Building in the Miami Design District and Aventura Optima Plaza which is LEED Platinum Certified.

By: Jessica Lieberman, Director of Marketing, LEED AP ID+C
Sustainability + LEED Consulting, Energy Modeling, Building Commissioning
The Spinnaker Group Inc.