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Fedrizzi takes on The Scoundrel’s Handbook

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Fedrizzi takes on The Scoundrel’s Handbook

Recently USGBC and the LEED Rating system have come under a barrage of attacks from lobbyists fearful of the next generation of the rating system, LEED v4, and what it might do to the status quo. Chemical trade groups and timber industry executives are rallying together, pushing back against maintaining comprehensive guidelines for the sustainable harvesting of wood and the addition of credits to limit and disclose harmful chemicals in our building materials.

Rick Fedrizzi, founder and CEO of USGBC, recently published a must read article on the Huffington Post calling out those with narrow view points, defending the status quo, intent on taking down the LEED rating system.  Here is a quick excerpt where he outlines the two perspectives:

“Make no mistake: these scoundrels can’t have it both ways. If USGBC is on the side of sustainability, that could only     mean that those who oppose us are ultimately on the side of exploiting the earth’s non-renewable resources.

If we’re on the side of protecting the environment from careless and short-sighted decision-making, that could only mean those who oppose us are for subjecting you and your family to the kind of short-sighted decisions that lead to eco-disasters like Love Canal, the Gulf oil spill, and mountaintop coal removal.”

With the demand for green building growing as seen in the graph above the question is who will join, not fight against, USGBC in the marketplace to accomplish this mission and meet demand?

– Mark Schrieber, LEED AP BD+C | Homes