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Florida Solar Water Heating Programs

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Florida Solar Water Heating Programs

If you are interested in Solar you may have heard about the FPL Solar Rebate Program. Probably in a negative way, “All of the money is already gone.” or “FPL opens the application process online and five minutes later all of the money is gone.” But did you know there is a rebate for Solar Water Heaters and it is funded!

We all know solar water heating has a bigger return on investment than PV. But somehow it is always perceived as the pour step child.  Florida residents could cut their water heating bill by as much as 85% according to the Florida Solar Energy Center and depending on the business, they could save 50 to 85% of their water heating cost.

This program is available to any existing FPL customer whether they are using an electric or a gas water heater. All collectors must be approved and certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center and have an FSEC system certification number. The system has to be installed by a licensed and insured Contractor.

If your business uses a lot of hot water you have to look into it. The rebate amounts to $30.00 per 1,000 BTU/day, up to $50,000 per location. Rebates for multiple locations are capped at $150,000 per funding year.

If you are a home owner you are eligible for a $1,000 rebate. Don’t forget there is still the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit of 30% of the cost of the system too!

Check it out: http://www.fpl.com/landing/solar_rebate/index.shtml

Going Green and saving Green!