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Miami Green Lab Grand Opening!

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Miami Green Lab Grand Opening!

Today was the grand opening of the Miami Green Lab which is located at 151 NW 27th Ave, Miami Florida. The project is a City of Miami project and consists of turning an old fire station into an educational center for Green Buildings Programs. The building was commissioned by the Spinnaker Group and the systems in the building include a rainwater collection cistern to flush toilets, a solar hot water heater, and roof top air conditioning units which have CO2 sensors to open and close the outside air dampers depending on the ppm levels. The lighting control consists of wall mounted and ceiling mounted occupancy sensors that turned off the lights when no one is occupying the room. The exterior lighting is all LED.

This building will host many seminars and training for architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and anyone else that might be interested in green buildings. There will also be several tours of the building throughout the next couple of months to allow people to see how these systems function.

Hope to see you at the next tour!

Nabil Maroun