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More from Greenbuild – Greening the Codes

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Greetings from Green Build!

The Green Build Convention is a great place to get educated, energized, and inspired. These events are always just packed full of information. Often this information creates almost as many questions as answers. That was the case on Oct. 5, 2011 during the IgCC, CALGreen & LEED – Understanding the Knowledge Gap Facing the Challenges Ahead: Presented by Jessyca Henderson, American Institute of Architects and Lynn Simon, Simon & Associates Inc.


As you may or may not know The International Green Construction Code, IgCC, is coming whether you like it or not. Personally I believe it has been a long time coming. The IGCC International Green Construction Code is considered an overlay code. Project teams can start reviewing the IgCC Synopsis now:  http://www.iccsafe.org/cs/IGCC/Documents/PublicVersion/IGCC_PV2_Synopsis.pdf If you live and practice in California you are already familiar with The California Green Building Standard Code, CALGreen, http://www.documents.dgs.ca.gov/bsc/CALGreen/Master-CALGreen-Non-Res-Guide2010-sec-ed-final-3-1-11.pdf And the guide to the California Green Building Standards Code – Non-Residential (Commissioning)  http://www.documents.dgs.ca.gov/bsc/CALGreen/Non-Res-Comm-Guide-10-10.pdf

The rest of the country can gain insight into what is coming by observing how the CALGreen Code is implemented in California. Green Building Codes both CALGreen and the IgCC include the actual process of building the structure. This is a new concept for building codes. This is a new concept for project teams. Projects teams have become accustomed to supplying additional information over and above the Construction Documents. In Florida most Municipalities require NOAs to be attached to the plans and specifications to obtain a permit.

In the future product data sheets highlighting VOCs may be required to get a permit. Design Professionals will need to add specification language requiring IgCC compliance.

One of the unanswered questions is: What happens to a project at Certificate of Occupancy if it is determined that it did not comply with the IgCC? This is still to be worked out but will be critically important for the Construction industry.

Much of the process of how the IGCC will be implemented is still being worked out!

Who will verify if the products submitted for permit are actually installed at the site?

Will Building Officials need to fill out Field Inspection Reports?

AIA has many free resources which can provide guidance. Including AIA Contract Documents Guide for Sustainable Projects. http://info.aia.org/aia/sustainabilityguide.cfm This requires a quick log in but is worth it. Also check out the AIA Guide to building Life Cycle Assessment in Practice. http://www.aia.org/aiaucmp/groups/aia/documents/pdf/aiab082942.pdf

Mark your calendar, the Architects Guide to Integrated Energy Modeling in the Design Process is due to be out on line for free in January.


Also check out the ASHRAE 189.1-2009. http://www.techstreet.com/standards/ashrae/189_1_2009?product_id=1668986


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