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Part II: The Importance of Building Commissioning

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Part II: The Importance of Building Commissioning

Part II of our series: The Importance of Building Commissioning continues!

After the planning phases are completed and Commissioing Plans are drafted, the construction related tasks commence. Pre-functional equipment checklists are generated by the CxA (Commissioning Agent).  Individual subcontractors complete the pre-functional checklists pertaining to their scope of work. System installations and completed checklists are reviewed on site by the CxA with the subcontractors and general contractor.  Most often times, deficiencies are typically noted and corrected during this stage, prior to the end of construction. Portions of the test and balance work is also witnessed by the CxA to ensure adequate rigor and functional test procedures are drafted by the CxA for the HVAC, lighting / lighting control and domestic hot water systems.  These tests are performed and usually, if there are any operational problems, they would be detected and corrected at this time.

Correcting issues along the way is critical in making a successful project. Check back next week for additional information on the Commissioning process and how Spinnaker gets it done right!

By: Jessica Lieberman, LEED AP ID+C
Director of Marketing
Sustainability + LEED Consulting, Energy Modeling, Building Commissioning
The Spinnaker Group Inc.