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Part III: The Importance of Building Commissioning

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Part III: The Importance of Building Commissioning

Part III of our series: The Importance of Building Commissioning continues!

Last week we discussed specific steps a CxA (Commissioning Agent) will take during the construction process and its importance, as many issues will arise during this time. This week we will touch on a few last details, such as staff training, which will ensure the project is running as it was designed.

The Cx agent will be present at the project site to witness the HVAC & BAS (Building Automation System) systems training of Owner personal and ensure that instructions are carried out to the satisfaction of the contract documents. The Owner’s staff will also receive the Plumbing systems training and the CxA will also witness the training of the lighting control systems. A detailed Systems Manual that records the facility’s functional state at the time of project completion, guides maintenance activities going forward and manufacturers operational manuals necessary for the commissioned systems are also drafted and delivered to the developer. Most often times, during this process, Commissioning Agents will also be contracted to review the building’s operational status within 10 months of substantial completion to ensure continued proper functioning and occupant satisfaction.  After all of the training is complete and substantial reviews are made, the CxA will make final recommendations to the Owner for overall operational procedures for the life of the project, such as annual HVAC automation system check-ups, cleaning washable air filter regularly and replacing air handling units regularly and also inspecting and cleaning drain pans.

When all of these essential steps are take and implemented correctly, LEED certified projects will not only run efficiently but will stand the test of time and live up to their name of functioning sustainably as well.

By: Jessica Lieberman, LEED AP ID+C
Director of Marketing
Sustainability + LEED Consulting, Energy Modeling, Building Commissioning
The Spinnaker Group Inc.