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St. Francis Medical Pavillion

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St. Francis Medical Pavillion

The Spinnaker Group certifies 77th LEED project!

The design team and client worked together to generate the goals for the building. Through the design, materials and siting of the building, the goal is to create a building that is a better steward to the environment. Sustainable features include site selection on land not prime for farming, create incentives by providing priority parking for fuel efficient vehicles, maximize open space and control storm water on site. The building utilizes local brick and other building materials, provides high reflectance roofing, reduced light pollution, and water usage. The building systems are energy efficient, use safe refrigerants, and secure green power from an off‐site certified source for the core and shell.

Woods are FSC certified, have low or no emittance of VOCs, and have recycled content. The built environment will have outdoor air delivery monitoring, controls for thermal comport, recycling management, increased ventilation and controls for pollutants and indoor chemicals.

Location, Midlothian, Virginia

Owner: Lend Lease Healthcare (US) Development

Services: LEED Consulting

Architect: O’Dell Architects

Contractor: WM Jordan

Certification: LEED for New Construction – Certified