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Summer Days LEEDer Update

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Summer Days LEEDer Update

As political conversations heat up along with the summer temperatures, one thing that ALL of us can agree on is this; thank goodness for the modern luxuries of life, aka, air conditioning! But with our thermostats dialed way down, the question must be asked, “Are we doing all we can to reduce our dependency on and usage of these technologies?” As designers, architects and engineers, we know full well the advantages you gain from completing a site analysis. This allows the design team to take into consideration critical design decisions such as building orientation and minimizing the building and site to sun exposure and accounting for other on-site micro climate conditions. But how often do these decisions actually make it to the construction site? For the average non-LEED building it unfortunately happens more often than not. As we move forward into 2016, our goal remains the same at The Spinnaker Group; building green while continuing to encourage and educate developers and building owners to see the value in LEED and other green rating systems such as Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), the Living Building Challenge and the WELL Building Standard. Yes these green rating systems look good on paper but what they are achieving from an energy perspective is truly phenomenal, creating a global impact so large, that it just might help change the course of the World’s future.

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