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The 411 on the LEED Dynamic Plaque

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The 411 on the LEED Dynamic Plaque

While at Greenbuild this year I attended a session on the LEED Dynamic Plaque and came to understand some new dimensions of this tool. The LEED Dynamic Plaque is an add-on to existing LEED certifications. It represents an ongoing performance element to, what has been to date, a static representation of building performance. It’s a tool that is both physical and virtual, publicly displayed on an existing LEED building’s site that’s designed to help property owners monitor, benchmark and update their LEED scores in five areas: energy, water, waste, transportation and occupant experience.

While a building’s official score is recorded just once a year based on a recertification schedule, the Dynamic Plaque updates as frequently as it receives new information. For EBOM recertifications, rather than needing to reapply, a LEED Dynamic Plaque will serve as proof that the building continues to perform within the certification parameters.

The relatively static nature of LEED certification leaves the system open to criticism that it is more about strategies than performance. In reality, there are some property managers who consider LEED as a process dedicated to acquiring the certification and then it is forgotten. By further opening up LEED certification to continuous monitoring, the LEED Dynamic Plaque allows investors, asset managers and even tenants to have access to an actively-managed LEED score.

By: Trevor Schatz, LEED Project Manager
Sustainability + LEED Consulting, Energy Modeling, Building Commissioning
The Spinnaker Group Inc.