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Wellness [wel-nis]
The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind especially as the result of deliberate effort.

The way in which spaces are designed has a direct impact on physical and mental fatigue, awareness, memory cognition, depression, cardiovascular & musculoskeletal health. (See our previous blog on Circadian Rhythm and Biological Lighting Design). Over the decades, not enough emphasis has been put on designing wellness into a space, generally speaking.  We are just now entering into a phase where awareness about space & wellness is exploding onto the scene thanks to organizations like Delos and the Well Building Certification. As LEED Consultants, The Spinnaker Group’s core foundation has always been to build a more sustainable and healthier environment, however, with the WELL Building Standard emerging onto the scene, the conversation of wellness has been elevated to new heights; one that is gaining momentum, recognition and validation. But this should come as no surprise as the health and wellness industry represents a 3.4 trillion-dollar industry in the United States. For years, individuals have recognized the importance of staying healthy, incorporating lifestyle changes to reflect this such as working out and eating right. However, the move in this industry is now taking it a step further, placing emphasis not only on what you do, but where you do it. In areas like Las Vegas and New York City, people are willing to pay a premium for healthy environments. A new program within the WELL Building Standard is STAY WELL where guests of the popular MGM Grand have the option to stay in rooms that offer better health and wellness options. Developers in NYC are also responding to this cry of wellness with the development of various WELL properties. The WELL Building Standard incorporates the key elements of health and wellness into the system through a series of classifications relevant to human health in the built environment; Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind. In the following weeks, TSG is going to take a look at each one of these categories to gain insight and understanding as to how we can incorporate them into the built environment, taking wellness to the forefront of design as opposed to an afterthought.