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First JUST Organization in the State of Florida

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First JUST Organization in the State of Florida

The Spinnaker Group is proud to announce they are now part of the International Living Future Institute’s (ILFI) JUST Program. JUST provides a transparent platform of disclosure – a “nutrition label” – for socially responsible organizations and corporations. “In a relatively short timeframe since our program launch, the JUST Program has garnered worldwide interest and is helping organizations to develop better employee engagement policies and community stewardship practices. We are very happy to see The Spinnaker Group join the ranks of JUST labeled organizations with the distinction of being the first company in the state of Florida to earn the JUST Label.” – Francis Janes, JUST Program Manager, International Living Future Institute. ILFI’s Living Building Challenge (LBC) now requires at least one JUST organization to be a ‘major team member’ for projects targeting LBC v3.0 certification. The Spinnaker Group has been at the forefront of bringing the LBC to South Florida and co-founded the LBC Florida Collaborative. TSG is also educating the local A/E/C Industry on the Living Building Challenge. The Spinnaker Group qualified for the JUST label through internal policies in key JUST categories such as diversity, equity, safety, employee benefit, local benefit and community stewardship.

Some Company Highlights of the JUST Label:

  • Diversity and Equity:TSG’s Ethnic Diversity and Living Wage garnered Level 3 recognition – the highest ranking in the JUST program. TSG boats 8% difference in Ethnic Diversity when compared to the State of Florida’s Census Percentage and TSG offers a Living Wage that is nearly 32% above that standard for Broward County.
  • Worker Happiness:The Spinnaker Group is a unique company. Reducing the company’s carbon footprint and maintaining happy employees integral to the corporate culture. TSG has won the South Florida Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” and also scored the highest level of Worker Happiness in the JUST program. This happiness is measured not only by these standards but is also evident in work performed for our Clients.
  • Positive Products:The Spinnaker Group supports the betterment of the environment through sustainable products, practices and services. Furthermore, TSG promotes the use of renewable energy, water purification, affordable housing, public transportation, pollution and waste management, health care and safety, improvements in nutritional foods, animal welfare, conservation and reclamation of the natural environment, advancements in education, promotion of the arts and sciences, and the elimination of discrimination, poverty, and other social and economic inequalities and injustices, all of which help TSG garner level 3 recognitions for JUST.


The Living Building Challenge was the first green building program to incorporate equity criteria with the launch of the Equity Petal in 2009; version 3.0 of the standard further highlights impacts on communities with the addition of new imperatives. GGLO is participating in the JUST program in support of elevating the equity conversation in all organizations that shape our community, not just those who manufacture products and construct projects.

We look forward to working together to promote equity discussions in every aspect of our built environment.

For any inquiries or comments, please contact Jessica Lieberman, Director of Marketing at Jessica@thespinnakergroupinc.com

The Spinnaker Group is a South Florida based green-building design and engineering consulting firm whose team of architects and engineers has extensive knowledge in the application of all LEED rating systems.  The Spinnaker Group helps companies achieve green building goals including design consulting, commissioning, specification writing and energy and daylight modeling.  Involved in more than 200 LEED projects throughout the region and internationally, The Spinnaker Group has certified over 100 LEED projects.  In 2013, The Spinnaker Group won “Business of the Year” recognition by the South Florida Business Journal, and worked on the first-ever LEED for Neighborhood Development project in Miami, the Miami Design District.  For more information, visit www.thespinnakergroupinc.com.