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Valley Forge Fabrics LEED Commercial Interiors Silver Certified

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Valley Forge Fabrics LEED Commercial Interiors Silver Certified

The Spinnaker Group is proud to announce that Valley Forge Fabrics received LEED Commercial Interiors Silver Certification! This 56,013 square foot office space in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is the world headquarters of Valley Forge Fabrics and incorporated beautiful design and top sustainability features.

“As a part of our sustainability commitment, Valley Forge is dedicated to living and working together harmoniously with our environment. We have made the preservation of our planet and its resources a priority since 2002 by including recycled products in our standard product line that is marketed around the world.” – http://www.valleyforge.com/lp/sustainability/

Sustainable credits/features include:

Sustainable Sites

  • 100% of the base building’s roof materials has the right amount of Solar Reflectance Index to reduce Heat Island Effect
  • Bicycle Storage, along with Showers and Changing Facilities have been provided for building occupants and visitors

Water Efficiency

  • Potable Water Use was Reduced by 40.78%

Energy and Atmosphere

  • Demonstrated connected lighting power reduction of 33.93% and that 90.08% of the equipment and appliances are ENERGY STAR-rated
  • Has a 2-year purchase agreement to provide 8.02 kWh per square foot of electricity from Green-e renewable power

Materials and Resources

  • Diverted 82.31% of the on-site generated construction waste from landfills
    15.94% of the total building materials, by value were manufactured using recycled materials
  • 24.45% of the total building materials value includes materials and products that have been manufactured within 500 miles of the project site, and 20.69% of the total materials were extracted and manufactured within 500 miles of the project site

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • All Adhesives, Sealants, Paints, Coatings, Flooring Systems, Composite Wood, and Furniture met Low-Emitting guidelines
  • Thermal Comfort Designs and Indoor Air Quality Performance were planned and incorporated

Additional Innovations in Design

  • Developed and Adopted a Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  • Developed and Adopted a Green Cleaning Housekeeping Program to reduce potential contaminants
  • Developed and Adopted a Integrated Pest Management Policy to reduce potential contaminants
  • Developed and Implemented a Public Education Program for Green Building Education at their facility

This great projects shows how a company can adopt sustainability into their work environment for a beautiful outcome. Congratulations to Valley Forge Fabrics and all the team members for this project!

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Owner: Valley Forge Fabrics

The Spinnaker Group Services Rendered: LEED Consulting

Architect: Stantec (ADD Inc.)

Contractor: Bluewater Builders

MEP: KAMM Consulting

Certification Level: LEED CI Silver

*Photos from Valley Forge Fabrics

Valley Forge Slide

Valley Forge Colorful Staircase

Valley Forge Moving In