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WELL Building Standard: WATER

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WELL Building Standard: WATER

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By: Jessica Lieberman, LEED AP ID+C, Director of Marketing

Clean water is one of those luxuries in life probably most taken for granted by Americans. In other parts of the world and even in our own “backyard” of Flint, Michigan, it’s always necessarily safe and as clean water as you’d think. The second Concept of the WELL Building Standard focuses on this necessity; water. “The WELL Building Standard for Water promotes safe and clean water through the implementation of proper filtration techniques and regular testing in order for building occupants to receive optimal quality of water for various uses.” (The WELL Building Standard Guidebook v1, page 63). Within this section dedicated to clean water, there are 8 Features that provide specific guidance on how projects can successfully implement clean water into practice.

Feature 30: Fundamental Water Quality
Feature 31: Inorganic Contaminants
Feature 32: Organic Contaminants
Feature 33: Agricultural Contaminants
Feature 34: Public Water Additives
Feature 35: Periodic Water Quality Testing
Feature 36: Water Treatment
Feature 37: Drinking Water Promotion
The first 5 Features are Preconditions and mandatory for the WELL Building Standard, while the remaining Features are Optimizations. For a breakdown of each of these Features in more detail, visit www.WELLCertified.com to learn more about this exciting rating system. Stay tuned for the next concept on the list; Nourishment.